Quality of Life

comes first with advanced technology. How you live is more important than how long you live


We drive
healthcare transformation
with innovative solutions

We seek life extension and quality of life by managing the oral hygiene and sleep-related chronic diseases through the innovative and marvelous development of life-related technologies.

Our efforts will eventually solve the worries of our lives and societies and become the cornerstones on which anyone can easily access universal health-care services.


We Give
Better Life
To People

With the development of medical technology, life expectancy has gradually been increasing, and ‘the quality of life’ has become more important than ‘having a long life’.

CURAUM is developing products and services that assist humankind to keep not only the body but also the emotions and mind healthy and stable so that they can enjoy a balanced life with a healthy physical and mental state.

Humankind’s ‘Quality of Life’ - CURAUM will improve it.

We Make Good Habits For People

CURAUM is a specialized business in oral care and sleep related health care based on our new and advanced technology. Our products and services collect and analyze consumer’s medical/healthcare/sleep data to enable hygiene status to be monitored, symptoms prior to disease to be predicted and early diagnosis to be done.

Making a healthy habit for prevention other than the treatment of disease – it is a new lifestyle that CURAUM proposes.

OURCorporate Identity


A total care brand for a balanced lifestyle

CURAUM aims not only to achieve the functional recovery of the body but also to balance the healthy mind, and emotion so that all of the individuals can enjoy genuine improvement of the quality of life.

As CURAUM strives to develop products and services for this purpose, the entrepreneurial spirit of CURAUM is expressed in a rhythmical and organic form of the graph line to contain the continuous steps toward liveliness and progress through harmony and balance.